Intelligent Analysis Needed Before Purchasing Solar Panels

Lately, there has been a lot of hype surrounding solar energy and its role in saving the planet. So is this the time for you to take the plunge and put solar panels on your roof? If you factor in the costs and their reduction, then the time is suitable regardless of the area.


Buying a solar panel to generate power for your home or business is a considerable investment and shouldn’t be taken quickly. The size of a home is no longer an issue since a 10kw solar system can power up a large residential property or a small commercial property. This makes it the perfect fit for your energy needs.


Equipped with the necessary knowledge, you can easily purchase on your own. Since most people have adopted solar energy, it has become easy to get the essential information needed about solar energy. They are also available in different kilowatts to fit different needs, whether commercial or residential.


What Analysis Should You Make Before Purchasing Solar

Solar power is different in that technology is changing so fast, making it easy for you to make mistakes. You, therefore, need to spend time analysing your purchase. The solar market has matured, and it will be hard to make a wrong decision.


  1. Is Your Home Suitable For Power?

Many homes are not good candidates for a solar system, and therefore this is the first question that you need to answer. You will need an area on either the ground or roof to give you an unobstructed view of the sun. If you consider putting it on the ground, you will have to clear any trees or remove any blockages blocking the sun from reaching it. Luckily photovoltaic panels do not weigh a lot, so the roof structure will be sufficient.


  1. How Can You Avoid Buying More Power Than You Need

Many people make the mistake of buying more power than they need. You need to look at your power bill to get a clear idea of the amount of electricity you consume. Keep in mind that for an on-grid system, your energy supplier won’t reimburse you for excess power that you generate.


  1. What Is Your Financial Capability?

Do you have enough money, or will you require a loan? What is your payback capability? How many years will it take you to pay back? These questions will help you make an informed decision about making this investment.


  1. A Contractor or DIY?

A qualified contractor has the skills and knowledge required to complete the entire project. If you are handy, you can easily handle all the installation and wiring. You will, however, need an electrician to make a connection to the grid since this is a requirement by most building departments.


Types of Solar Panels

In the commercial market, we have three types of solar panels.

  • Mono-crystalline- They are the most expensive and efficient. They are made from single-crystal silicon.
  • Polycrystalline- The cells are manufactured using grains of single-crystal silicon. They are less expensive than mono-crystalline but also less efficient.
  • Amorphous – They are created by placing non-crystalline silicon on surfaces. They are cheap but efficient.


You have to note that even though two panels might be the same size, the amount of electricity they produce might vary. This depends on the age, quality, and type of cells used to build the panel. Newer panels might be more efficient due to the advances in technology.


Benefits of Purchasing Pre-made Solar Panels

You will have to admit that it’s easier to buy pre-made solar panels and only concern yourself with the installation. The pros of pre-made panels are;



You are assured that the panels have been made from quality and durable materials.



Most manufacturers offer a warranty for the panels, and your finances are secured.


After-Sale Services

You are entitled to after-sale services and can quickly get a technician in case there is an issue.

Solar panels are created to last, and apart from the regular debris removal, they require minimal maintenance. You will have access to power throughout and do not have to worry about blackouts. High electric bills will be a thing of the past, and you can save money or channel it onto other expenses.

This is a renewable form of energy that is environmentally friendly since it has no harmful emissions. It also generates energy silently, and your neighbours will not be disturbed.


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