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My next novel, Thaw, features the diary of Ruth, who’s given herself three months to decide whether or not to carry on living.

On the 1st of March next year I’ll start posting her diary here, so you can read the entire novel for free.

I’d like as many people as possible to hear about it when we get started, and so I’d like to ask you for your help with my Blogsplash.

The idea is that 1000 blogs will publish the first day of Ruth’s diary on their blog on the 1st of March next year, with a link at the bottom to the blog where they can carry on reading.

All the blogs that participate will get a special thank you here – you’ll be very appreciated ‘friends of Thaw’.

Would you be willing to join in? Leave a comment here (don’t forget your url AND EMAIL) or send me a quick email me at [email protected].

Do you know any blogger friends who might be interested? Could you forward them this page?

Thank you lovely bloggers and blogreaders!

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